The Consequences of a Lack of Sleep and How to Get Rested at Last

We do so many things every day that we have to deprive ourselves of something. And that something is usually sleep. We either decide to go to bed later or wake up earlier to manage a few more tasks. As a natural result, we rise as if we hadn’t slept at all. sleep, sleep


We  would like to remind you that to do all the things you want, you need healthy sleep because it gives you strength for them.


The hours of sleep you need reduce as you get older:

What happens when we don’t have enough sleep?

  • We get sick. Our immune system is directly related to sleep, and a lack of it makes it harder for our body to fight diseases. sleep, sleep
  • It’s hard to think logically and react quickly, which may be dangerous, especially when an immediate decision is needed — for example, when you’re driving.
  • We gain weight if we sleep less than 5 hours a day.
  • Our skin health deteriorates: wrinkles, capillaries, age spots, and acne appear, and the body ages more quickly in general.
  • We’re at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Risk of cancer increases.
  • Sexual drive decreases. If you sleep less than 5 hours a day for a week, testosterone levels drop and sex hormones reduce by 15%.
  • We forget things easily. When we sleep, our brain sorts out information. Lack of sleep deprives it of the time it needs to do this. sleep, sleep
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