8 Life Hacks That Might Save Your Life One Day

Statistics say we live in the calmest of times in the history of mankind. However, the world is still a dangerous place and you never know when a life hacks may be useful to you and even save your life!

That’s why we bring you 8 simple life hacks that will enhance your security.


1. Keys, money, and a charged phone.

These things should always be on you when you’re going out. No exceptions.

Why is it important? You should always be able to call for help or a ride back home. Your phone, in addition, may become a means of saving other people’s lives: you’ll be able to call the rescue service in an emergency. Always keep your phone charged.


2. Apologize if you bump into someone.

Even if you’re sure you’re not to blame for bumping into someone on the street, say “sorry” and keep going.

Why is it important? You don’t know who you ran into. A person you’ve touched may be carrying a weapon or be drunk or high. They may be extremely angry or upset. A simple apology may save you so much more.

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