13 Asian Life Hacks That Are Worth Adopting

Without knowing it, we sometimes use life hacks that came to us from Asia. For example, when we put a wet cell phone in a bag of rice or use tea bags to refresh shoes.

We decided to share some simple and effective life hacks and collected 13 tricks from residents of Asian countries which will certainly be useful to you.


Eat chips with chopsticks to keep your hands clean.

If you can eat with chopsticks, you can use them for chips and any other food that dirties your hands and has a smell which isn’t so easy to get rid of.stuff, cool stuff


Lemon juice and salt keep sliced apples from browning.

This tip will come in handy for those who love making apple pies, fruit salads, or taking apple slices to work as a snack. Squeeze lemon onto sliced apples, sprinkle with a little salt, and you won’t have to worry about their color.


Bathroom steam will get wrinkles out of your clothes without an iron.

This is convenient when you don’t have enough time to iron your clothes in the morning or if you stay at a hotel without an iron. If you hang your clothes in the bathroom and leave them there while taking a shower, the steam will dewrinkle them.

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