39 Unexpected Life Hack With Baby Wipes (they’re for adults too!)

Baby wipes for adults…say what?! Every home needs a packet of these multi-purpose wipes in their cupboard, whether you have a baby or not! The uses are endless and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without them.

Baby wipes beauty life hacks:

Why are baby wipes for adults too? Wait and see how they can transform your beauty regime and become your most must-have skincare essential.

1. Wipe away excess nail polish

Keep your baby wipes on hand when you’re painting your nails – they can quickly fix any mistakes with minimal effort. They’re also incredibly useful for cleaning the nail area pre-manicure and for giving a little extra moisture to cuticles.

2. Baby wipes are great for removing eye makeup

Beauty purists might recoil in horror at the thought of cleansing skin with a wipe, but they are fine for eye make-up. If you’re in a hurry or feeling lazy they will quickly dissolve stubborn mascara in seconds and are kinder to sensitive skin than cheaper cleansers.

They’re also a lot cheaper than most ‘beauty wipes’ found in the skincare aisle. Young woman wiping off make-up, high section, close-up

There are so many uses of baby wipes for adults!
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