13 Inventive Life Hacks That Make Our Life Much Easier

We all try to find cooking, makeup, car, and life hacks on the internet sometimes. But there are no multipurpose life hack collections to use in different spheres of our life. So if you want to know, for example, how to nap using a system that even Dali used, or how to taste food without burning your tongue, then this article is for you.

We share some pieces of advice with everyone who’s ready to improve their life.

Check these life hacks, they will make your life much easier!


Hold an object in your hand to use as an alarm clock.

Hold any object in your hand that produces loud noise when it falls down, so you don’t oversleep when napping. Dali used this method as his wake up “signal:” he used to hold a key over a ceramic plate.


Put a spoon in the freezer so you don’t burn your tongue.

This life hack is a must for those who always burn their tongue while cooking. To stop it, just put a spoon in the freezer and take it out when you’re going to taste a dish. You won’t need to wait until all the food in your spoon cools off.

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